Security Center – IP Access, CCTV and Incident Management

Open IP hardware and software architecture enables Access Control, CCTV Video Management, integrated Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), within a single innovative software solution. With Addons like Citigraf, Mission Control, Clearance, Incident Manager and Evidence Manager the control and visibility of your organisation or city has never been easier.

Electronic Locker Management Solutions

A high quality and true enterprise solution for Agile / Activity Based working office environments. LoQit provides a scalable and flexible locker solution with many features not present on most systems. Card, Pin, Biometric, Bluetooth and Phone options. 1 AMP USB Charger and internal light. Read More About LoQit

People Counting, Tracking And Demographics

Platform for intelligent computer vision applications, tailored for video content analytics, People Counting, Track, Queue & Dwell Mapping, Demographics Profiling, to Deliver Smart Building Optimisation. Modcam gives you the ability to see, understand and react.

Security Expert – Integrated Security and StruxureWare Building Operations

Security Expert and the integration of Schneider Electric StruxureWare provides a fully customisable user interface and platform incorporatingcontrol, measurement and analytics of any device you can connect to in anyway or imagine, input, output, IOT, Security, Access Control, lighting, AirConditioning, Metering, Irrigation, Advertisement, the list is endless.