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Genetec – Plan Manager

What is Genetec Plan Manager

Plan Manager is a module of Security Center that provides interactive mapping functionality to better visualize your security environment.

What can Genetec Plan Manager do for you?

With Plan Manager, you can access real-time security information and respond to events and alarms in less time through a visual representation of your facilities. This intuitive mapping system also enables operators to effectively manage a greater number of security devices.

Genetec Plan Manager comes with:

  1. Simplified Site Monitoring-Rather than monitoring detailed lists of events or a logical tree of devices, you can now visually manage all of your security environment and physical security devices (doors, cameras, CCTVS, Schneider Electric Security equipment, and ALPR units).
  2. New Equipment to Rapidly Respond to Emerging Situations-With embedded command and control capabilities, you can respond to events and alarms directly from a map and take active control of IP cameras, CCTV equipment, doors, and other devices.
  3. Customizable Maps-Import public and private maps in multiple formats, including online maps, CAD files, and other imagery; easily drag-and-drop security devices and objects to create highly detailed and accurate maps.
  4. Dynamic Security Objects-Upload new imagery for objects and devices in your organization and create maps that accurately represent your facilities.
  5. Multi-Site Monitoring with Federation-Access remote Plan Manager maps from federated sites and monitor federated (remote) entities, such as CCTV cameras, doors and ALPR units from a central location.

Let Genetec Plan Manager integrate and visualize all of your security devices from CCTVS to Schneider Electric Security equipment.

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