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Genetec | SecurityCenter 5.3 | new

What’s new with Genetec Security Center 5.3

This walk-through video provides an overview of some of the new video features available in Security Center 5.3, including the Tile Pattern Editor, Auto-Lock Workstation, and the Camera Configuration Report. Click on our channel to find videos of other new features of the release, including overviews on GPU-Accelerated Video Decoding, Incident Recording, and the Security Center web client.

Notable features that come with Genetec Security Center 5.3:

  1. Optimized Plan Manager-transforms the operator experience with a map-centric approach to security monitoring, supporting full video tile overlays, embedded real-time event monitoring with timely information, and management of alarms directly from dynamic maps
  2. Encrypted Communications-are leveraged by Security Center 5.4 with use of the TLS protocol to secure communication channels between platform components, including servers and client apps, ensuring a heightened level of system security and privacy
  3. Advanced Authentication-With embedded support for certificates and claims-based authentication, end users can leverage a Security Token Service (STS) such as Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), to further strengthen the user authentication process.
  4. Audit and Activity Trail Enhancements-Administrators can now enjoy a more detailed view of who is accessing their security system through enhanced Audit and Activity Trail Reports that include additional tracking information, such as failed logon attempts and system setting changes.
  5. Monitoring Task Tile Arming-Beyond the existing dedicated Alarm Monitoring task, Security Center 5.4 now supports the ability to arm and receive alarms in a Monitoring task tile, including support for CCTV Picture-in-Picture.

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