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ACG Fire & Security

Our Capabilities

ACG Fire & Security specialises in delivering Automated Control Systems, High-End Integrated Security, Access Control, IP CCTV, Building Automation, Intercoms, RFID, Network Infrastructure and Safety Solutions.

With more than 20 years' experience, our team sets new standards in Auditing, Design, Installation, Service and Maintenance.

Our national presence ensures your organisation will be well serviced by our own, internal team.

We manage the entire process and deliver a system that is well designed and implemented, resulting in lower ongoing costs and providing clients with exceptional control and visibility.





The ACG Approach

We believe good business begins with happy customers and that's why we take a personal approach, working closely with clients to tailor solutions for their specific needs. We work tirelessly to help them solve their toughest challenges by placing the focus on them, making sure their ultimate goal is always our first priority. Then when a project is complete, we provide ongoing support to ensure the solution continues to meet and exceed expectations.

Open Platform Software Options

ACG Fire & Security provides open platform software options that can be integrated to open architecture security, cctv, access control and building management hardware.  

Software Customisation

ACG provides software customisation to enable clients to integrate their HR and other business management systems.

Networked Solutions

In today’s world everything is networked IP and your systems should be no different. We provide all the network cabling and hardware required to build a complete network system. 

Expanding Systems

we provide systems that can be expanded to an unlimited number of devices empowering our clients growth without restrictions. 

The Magic

While the solution may appear “Magic”. There is no magic it takes a lot of effort, determination and team work to deliver excellent solutions and service, even though it seems like “Magic” has happened.

Our Clients

We want you to be part of our National Client base and enjoy our customer service and project delivery that goes beyond anything you have experienced before. 


Our outstanding service

What sets us apart is our focus on working closely with clients to provide a complete service from start to finish.

We understand that every business is different and this is where our ability to customise individual solutions sets us apart. We offer a range of complete managed systems and only use products we’ve tested and found to be the best. We have extensive experience working with large organisations and helping them simplify the management of their systems to increase business outcomes.

We consult with stakeholders, audit existing systems, identify weak points, recommend upgrades or rectification works, design and engineer systems, integrate products, install hardware and provide ongoing service.

Combining our business management capabilities and knowledge of the control and ICT industries, ACG Fire & Security delivers the latest strategies and technology to help our clients’ operations run more effectively. Clients who choose ACG as their consultant, engineer and integrator can be assured of streamlined efficiencies and that the project is managed and delivered to the highest professional standard. Our team members pride themselves on being innovators and taking a solutions-based approach to business risks and control.

Design and engineering


ICT network implementation


Communications systems


Access control


Electronic security














Much More





You are in good company

Our clients range from Commercial Buildings, Government Organisations, Airlines, Airports, Freight Companies, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Hospitals, Mass Catering Facilities and Data Centres just to list a few.

Join our clients and experience our exceptional project delivery and customer service.

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